8 July 2022–11 July 2022

Eid Al Adha Special Hours

Alserkal Avenue

Our Avenue remains open for your holiday strolls

Starts 8 July 2022

Ends 11 July 2022

Venue Alserkal Avenue


Eid Mubarak from our family to yours! The Avenue remains open over this holiday. Check out the handy list below for the Eid timings of our community members:

Ishara Arts Foundation
| Closed Friday - Monday
Moby | Open with limited hours (TBD)
Food Explained | Open Friday and Monday
Curate Home | Closed Friday - Monday
Nostalgia Workshop | Closed Friday - Monday
Italian Shoe Factory | Closed Friday - Monday
1X1 Gallery
| Closed Friday - Monday
Gensler | Closed Friday - Monday
Volte Art Gallery
| Closed Friday - Monday
Bukhash Brothers
| Closed Friday - Monday
Kave | Closed Friday & Saturday
Lawrie Shabibi | Closed Friday - Monday
FN Designs | Closed Friday - Sunday
Zawyeh Gallery | Closed Friday - Monday
Firetti Contemporary
| Closed 8 - 24 July
Iwan Maktabi
| Closed Friday - Monday
Gulf Photo Plus
| Closed Saturday - Monday
Carbon 12 | Closed Saturday - Monday
| Office is closed Saturday - Monday
Susuru | Open 11AM - 11PM
The Palestinian Bakery | Open 11AM - 11PM
Nappa Dori | Open 11AM-8PM daily
| Friday and Saturday Normal business hours. Sunday 7AM - 3PM; Monday 7AM - 2PM
Alserkal Arts Foundation/Common Room
| Closed Friday - Monday
Project Space (WH 51) | Closed Friday - Monday
The Edit
| 10AM - 8PM Daily
Tamashee | Closed Saturday and Sunday
Le Guepard | Open 10AM -7PM Daily
Oo La Lab | Closed Saturday and Sunday
Pekoe | Open 10AM-7PM Daily
Wisdom Warehouse
| Open Friday & Monday 9:30AM - 3PM | Closed Saturday & Sunday
The Good Life
| Open 10AM - 8PM Daily
Cinema Akil
| Normal business hours: Tuesday-Friday 6PM-12AM; Friday&Saturday 3PM-12AM
| Closed Saturday and Sunday
The Happy Studio
| Open Daily 10AM to 7PM
Wild and the Moon
| 9AM - 7PM Daily
The Third Line
| Closed Friday - Monday
Ruth Bradley | Closed Friday - Monday
DNA | Open Daily 8.30AM – 8PM
Ame Artistic Studio | Open as per normal business hours
Joint Space
| Closed Friday - Monday
Custot Gallery | Closed Friday - Monday
Ikon House | Closed Friday - Monday
Leila Heller Gallery
| Closed Friday - Monday. Open by appointment only
Nostalgia Classic Cars
| Closed Friday - Monday

Alserkal HQ will be closed from 8-11 July

Haneen Nazzal

Our Eid greeting, a commissioned work by Palestinian artist Haneen Nazzal, animates a quote by Arab poet, Salim Jubran. Experimenting with a combination of different art forms including Arabic poetry and the written form, graffiti street art and stencils, Haneen has breathed life into Jubran's heartfelt message of hope, unity and beauty in this world.