Until 4 April 2023

Dappled Light

Solo Exhibition by Rana Begum


Letter from Hollywood: How RRR Redefined Global Pop

by Bilal Qureshi

1 - 9 April 2023

Stay a Little Longer

Ramadan at Alserkal Avenue

Currently on the Avenue

Exhibition | Now on until 20 May 2023
Elmarsa Gallery
A Perfect World
Elmarsa Gallery is delighted to present the first solo exhibition by leading Tunisian modernist Aly Ben Salem.
Exhibition | Now on until 8 May 2023
Zawyeh Gallery
Timeless Echoes
Renowned Iraqi artist Afifa Aleiby presents her most recent work, echoing her own life and tackling multiple societal and humane subjects.
Exhibition | Now on until 1 May 2023
Carbon 12
Architectures of Excess
Marking CARBON 12's 87th exhibition, Amba Sayal-Bennett's third solo exhibition with the gallery presents a series of new works.
Exhibition | Now on until 1 May 2023
Ayyam Gallery
Those Houses Behind the Army Canal
Ayyam Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition featuring Sadik Kwaish Alfraji’s recent body of work.
Exhibition | Now on until 30 April 2023
1x1 Art Gallery
Twilight and Debris
A duo exhibition suspending viewers within moments of stillness and contemplation.
Food & Drink | 2 April 2023
Starts 9:00 pmEnds 11:30 pm
Organic Farmer’s Market @ Alserkal Avenue
Fresh local produce, food talks, cooking demonstrations and more.
Exhibition | Now on until 30 April 2023
1x1 Art Gallery
Sayed Haider Raza | Janine Mongillat
Janine Mongillat follows her own artistic road which is in a permanent dialogue with Raza's conception and artworks.
Guest Project | 1 April 2023–9 April 2023
The Yard
Faire Trade
Exchange your once loved belongings at this free store, where everything is completely sustained by the community.
Enjoy Your Freedom Outside
Uma Bista points her lens at the patriarchy while searching for identity, gender equality and freedom from cultural confinement.
From Peace to Protest
Tavish Gunasena, a fine art and documentary photographer has built up a body of work from around his paradise island, but found himself in the middle of the frenzy, capturing the rage and bravery of his people. We chart his journey from peace to protest in this photo essay.
Visual Hunger
Artist Sondos Azzam explores the underbelly of our gastronomic longings
In Her Country
A series of portraits attempting to examine the relationship between a woman and her practice
Spoons Out of Water
What is sacred to the dining table is reduced to its form and colour in this photo series by Sondos Azzam
Fruit Scans
A photo series that challenges our perception of food by distorting the familiar
Abandoned: When a Crisis Allows Nature Back In
Series of photographs documenting the impacts of continual human manipulation of the UAE's natural landscapes
How our urban environment shapes nature and our individual activities within these spaces
An Outlook on Change
Featuring: Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez (curator, educator, writer), Lara Rudar (artist, filmmaker, environmental advocate), Philip Mawn Maughan (writer, editor, co-founder, black almanac).
Hybrid senses - Slow Art Tour
The sound trail is from Asma Belhamar’s slow tour that took place in Custot Gallery and Green Art Gallery. The slow tour sheds light on different ways of preserving art by activating senses. The tour focuses on observational methods using tools such as art and design principals to achieve a collective experience.
Burning Issues
Episode 02 of Cultures in Conversation programmed by Alserkal: Preludes & Postscripts
Humanising Cities
Featuring: Vilma Jurkute (Executive Director, Alserkal), Charles Landry (author and international authority on urban change),  Rupali Gupte & Prasad Shetty (co-founders Bard Studio, founding members School of Environment and Architecture), and  Hamed Bukhamseen (Co-founder, Civil Architecture). PART OF  CULTURES IN CONVERSATION: PRELUDES & POSTSCRIPTS. The brand new series with Alserkal and powered by afikra. Cultures in Conversation is commissioned by Expo2020 Dubai and programmed by Alserkal
A Force To Reckon With: Manal Aldowayan
A conversation with one of Saudi Arabia's most significant artists about her evolving methodologies, the shifting significance of her work, and the thought behind her practice
Architecture Meets Nature: While We Wait
A conversation with award-winning designers Yousef and Elias Anastas about their latest installation piece, While We Wait.
Alserkal Avenue | The First Decade (Part 2)
A conversation with the creative visionaries and cultural entrepreneurs who have partnered with Alserkal Avenue over the past decade.
Alserkal Avenue | The First Decade (Part 1)
A conversation with the creative visionaries and cultural entrepreneurs who have partnered with Alserkal Avenue over the past decade.
Turning The Spotlight On UAE-Based Emerging Artists
A conversation with UAE Unlimited Executive Director Shobha Shamdsani
A closer look with Azza Al Qubaisi
A closer look at Emirati artist Azza Al Qubaisi's multi-layered works titled 'Between the Dune Lines', which effortlessly captures the mysteries, shapes, patterns and textures of the desert landscape; as well as cultural memories, stories and motifs from the past. Using materials inspired by the deep roots of her heritage, Azza invites the observer to develop a sensory intimacy with her works and her journeys. 'Between the Dune Lines' is on display at Leila Heller Gallery until 15 December 2022. #artintothenight
A closer look with Nathaniel Rackowe
Nathaniel Rackowe's practice spans public art, installation, sculpture, contemporary dance and painting, investigating form and materiality through his observations of light and its effect on our experiences of urban spaces. In his exhibition titled 'Fractured Landscapes', Rackowe considers the notion of light as a reflector - artificial and natural; exploring how light bounces across objects to guide our sensation of space, material and colour. 'Fractured Landscapes' is on view at Lawrie Shabibi until 4 November 2022. #artintothenight
A closer look with Kais Salman
Kais Salman's 'Fables in the Unknown' represents a wide expanse of powerful vivid emotions and sentiments. Charges of positive and negative thoughts, feelings, and energy are projected onto the canvas, unfolding compositions through light and finding meaning in the dark. With a sharp focus on sarcasm, the dark humour reflected in his body of work is meant to enlighten reality and envision a better place. 'Fables in the Unknown' is on show at Ayyam Gallery until 1 November 2022. #artintothenight
A closer look with Sarah Almehairi
In 'When the Ground Was', Sarah Almehairi takes us along for a walk. Concrete floor sculptures and works on paper and canvas become visual pathfinders, each a portal to another story. Sometimes architectural, other times cartographic, together, they toy with the notion of scale and perception. And then, somewhere, Sarah's body of work appears as a prompt - a starting point for many things - a poem, a guide, an invitation, but most significantly, a process of unlearning, where she gently nudges viewers to deconstruct things they believed to be true, sensitising them to connect with their environment in new, distinct ways. 'When the Ground Was' is on show in Carbon 12 until 1 November 2022. #artintothenight
Imploded, burned, turned to ash
Multiple screenings of recorded drawing and sound performance throughout Refugee Week from 20-26 June 2022
Sneak peak of An Outlook on Change
Episode 03 - Cultures Conversation Preludes and Postscripts: The brand new series with Alserkal and powered by afikra.
Concrete Closed Sessions | Nujoom Alghanem
In this third iteration of Concrete Closed Sessions, Nujoom Alghanem performs her poem "I Found My Way to You", which was part of her artistic intervention at our second Cultures in Conversation event "Never Be Lost: Learn to Read the Stars" for space week at Expo 2020
JAFR. The Alchemy of Signs by Nja Mahdaoui | Elmarsa Gallery
Artist Nja Mahdaoui speaks about JAFR. The Alchemy of Signs, his third solo exhibition at Elmarsa Gallery during Alserkal Art Week in March 2022
Indie Publishers III Women Powered Platforms
Part III of our series on indie publishers focuses on women-run labels whose focus is peer learning and community growth.
Making History: A Study of Archives
Historic archives feed our identity and origin stories. But who builds them?
Adverse Poetries
Despite a painful upbringing in foster care, poet Lemn Sissay espouses hope, power and light in his writing.
Letter from Hollywood: How RRR Redefined Global Pop
We chart the global and cultural impact of Telugu film ‘RRR’ in a post-pandemic, streaming world.
An Orchestration of Magic
From Booker and Nobel winners to feminism, filmmaking and poetry, an author’s diary from the 16th Jaipur Literature Festival.
Beyond the Measure of Time
Sheba Chhachhi and Mariah Lookman discuss time, activism and the digital age.
The Tree School Chronicles
A day-by-day written response to the four Tree school sessions from Monday 27 February - Thursday 2 March, 2023.
The Street Came First
Three photographers capture life and work in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa
The Myth about Maths
World-renowned mathematician and author Marcus du Sautoy talks to Perspectives about how maths can help us hack life, understand AI better, and solve the riddles of the universe.