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Le Guepard


Note: Le Guepard will be temporarilty closed from 26 July to 29 August 2022.

With a sultry and sophisticated design, Le Guepard is an all day café and private dining concept. A space that feels like a glamorous European home, every detail is a reference to masters of decoration of the 20th century from Madeleine Castaing to Henri Samuel.

The front of the space is a trendy lounge/cafe that will be open six days a week. We will be offering an all day brunch menu along with specialty coffee and drinks. The backside is divided into three separate rooms, a lounge and two dining rooms available for private group and events bookings.

The cuisine will be 'french revisite', a modern twist on classical french dishes fused with international cuisines. Everything about the space and the food is curated to create a unique experience that will enable you to magically travel through your senses.

Le Guepard strives to bring together art, food and culture, showcasing art pieces from neighbouring galleries periodically and hosting workshops and cultural events.

Contact details
Opening hours
TUE - SUN, 9AM - 7PM
Warehouse 57