19 November 2023–26 November 2023

On This Land

Alserkal Arts Foundation x Barjeel Art Foundation x The Palestinian Museum

Part of Alserkal Art Week - November

Bringing together the digital archive of The Palestinian Museum and works from the Barjeel Art Foundation’s collection.

Starts 19 November 2023

Ends 26 November 2023

Venue Concrete


On This Land originated with the Birzeit-based Palestinian Museum, which had been planning a show on the cultural legacy of Gaza. That exhibition, like much else, has a precarious future.

In this moment of deadlock, collaboration appears to be the most potent antidote. The Palestinian Museum, the Barjeel Art Foundation, and Alserkal Arts Foundation have spirited On This Land to life in two weeks.

This unrehearsed dialogue between modern and contemporary art and photographic archives has dual intent. First, to create a space for informed contemplation: visitors access an unexpected window onto Gaza, prompted to imagine a possible future through the prism of a past made manifest. Second, On This Land harnesses the power of spontaneous collaboration not only to protect what is being silenced, but to generate a triangulated and amplified response.

This exhibition was made possible with support from Crown Fine Arts.

19 Nov | 6-12AM
20-25 Nov | 10AM-12AM
26 Nov | 10AM-8:30PM

Exhibition Tours:

Exhibition tours will take place at 3:30PM daily at Concrete.

There will also be additional tours that will take place during Alserkal Art Week.

Register Below:
Daily | 3:30PM - Exhibition Tours

23 Nov | 7PM - Exhibition Tour with Suheyla Takesh

25 Nov | 7PM - Exhibition Tour with Faris Shomali

25 Nov | 5PM - Exhibition Tour by Sultan Al Qassemi
25 Nov | Theatrical Reading - The Gaza Monologues

26 Nov | 4-5:30PM | Conversation with Faris Shomali & Reema Fadda & Reem Farah
26 Nov | 6PM - 7:30PM | Closing Panel | Vilma Jurkute, Sultan Al Qassemi and Amer Shomali
Moderated by May Al-Dabbagh

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Artwork credits: Sliman Mansour, October Afternoon, 2011