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The Yard

A multipurpose outdoor space home to open-air events on the Avenue


Located in the heart of Alserkal Avenue, The Yard is a multi-purpose outdoor space adjacent to the OMA-designed Concrete. Surrounding it is a community of creative concepts on the Avenue along with core-and-shell warehouses available for lease. On a day-to-day, The Yard is open for recreational activities - from group classes with Shimis and CRANK to a warm afternoon reading books or drinking coffee with friends.

The Yard is home to open-air events on the avenue; events that bring large groups of people together, including concerts, film screenings, high-profile talks and lectures, fashion shows, automotive launches, talks, and creative presentations.


  • Size: 1,400sqm of usable space, including an outdoor Majlis

  • Capacity: Up to 2,000 pax standing; 600 pax seated

  • Amenities: WiFi 16 MBps

To hire The Yard, get in touch with us on events@alserkalavenue.ae.