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Shimis Yoga


Shimis is a unique and contemporary yoga concept created by Simona Stanton. In 'The Box', students can practice dynamic Vinyasa flow in a dark room heated to 26-32 °C, where music and neon lights will help their flow. In the Green Room, participants can practice Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Jivamukti, or Pre/Postnatal yoga.

Enjoy an acai bowl or cold-pressed Shimis juice at the airy cafe, and shop Alo Yoga gear and other accessories.

Opening hours
Sun 7AM - 8.30PM | Mon Tue Wed 8AM - 9.30PM | Thu 7AM - 8.30PM | Fri 8AM - 4PM | Sat 8AM - 8PM
Warehouse 42