28 February 2023–30 April 2023

Twilight and Debris

featuring Brazilian artist Theo Pinto and Korean artist Bahk Seon-Ghi

Part of Alserkal Art Week

A duo exhibition suspending viewers within moments of stillness and contemplation.

Starts 28 February 2023

Ends 30 April 2023

Venue 1x1 Art Gallery

Warehouse 10

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1X1 Art Gallery Dubai presents Twilight and Debris featuring Brazilian artist Theo Pinto and Korean artist Bahk Seon-Ghi.

Twilight and Debris is a duo exhibition featuring internationally celebrated artists Bakh Seon-Ghi and Theo Pinto. Suspending viewers within moments of stillness and contemplation, the exhibition explores the intersection between fleeting moments of beauty and the powerful mundane. Twilight and Debris will run from 28 February until 30 April at 1x1 Art Gallery: situated in Warehouse 10 at Alserkal Avenue.

Korean contemporary artist Bakh Seon-Ghi presents “An Aggregation”: two installations featuring charcoal and stone fragments installed in the air. Suspended from nylon threads, the countless shards create a hypnotic moment of contemplation through their formation of a cohesive whole. Seon-Ghi’s work explores the inevitability of death and the relationship between birth, life, and decay. Charcoal, his material of choice, is fundamental to this exploration and holds traditional importance in Korean rituals of birth and death.

Theo Pinto, a Brooklyn-based Brazilian artist, unveils the latest works from his captivating Skyscapes series. The works evoke a sense of peace and transcendence, urging viewers to pause within their lives and bodies and become fully present. Pinto uses oil paints and soft layered brushwork, inviting the viewers into a liminal space between the physical and spiritual realms felt most by those willing to be absorbed by its emptiness. The exhibition presents a painting style that is the result of a spiritual journey far beyond what it shows on the surface of the canvas.

Twilight and Debris invites viewers to explore themes of light, death and transcendence. It will run until 30 April 2023.