20 November 2023–26 November 2023

The Mine - Eco(ed) Visions

Group exhibition

Part of Alserkal Art Week

Starts 20 November 2023

Ends 26 November 2023

Venue Concrete


Group exhibition by Hashel Al Lamki, Fatma Al Ali, Abbas Akhavan, Sasan Abri, Sale Sharifi, Dana Dawud, Quassine, Linda Ahani

A group exhibition showcasing artists who are exploring nature's sanctuary amidst urban sprawl, forging an intimate connection. As Mark Foster Gage asserts, urbanisation has evolved to the point where architectural edifices form the living backdrop of our reality, guiding in a new paradigm that gracefully surpasses nature's bygone dominion. A poignant question surfaces: as the relentless tide of urbanisation swells, a tangible reliance on art to fill the void left by nature becomes unmistakable. The trajectory toward a future where artistic depictions wield heightened significance, capturing not just an image but the essence of an image, invites contemplation. This resonates with art narratives highlighting luminaries like Claude Monet, an Impressionist pioneer, who repeatedly immortalised nature's allure. ‘Eco(ed)Visions’ unfolds as an exploration within this group exhibition, transcending mere mirroring of perceptual transmutations. It engages in speculative discourse, delving into the profound implications of this paradigmatic shift within our shared reality.

Exhibition concept and artist selection by The Mine

Concrete Mezzanine | 20-26 Nov