28 September 2023–30 December 2023

The Front Side Strikes the Most

by Saher Nassar

Part of Alserkal Art Week - November

Saher Nassar examines the soldier's psychology and the tangible actions they impose on others.

Starts 28 September 2023

Ends 30 December 2023

Venue Zawyeh Gallery

Warehouse 27


The soldier stands as a compelling subject, being the front visible symbol of power, despite functioning as a performer within a grander power structure. Soldiers undergo rigorous training, sometimes bordering on indoctrination, to execute commands often beyond their personal desires or intentions. They become pieces in a domino effect, operating in environments they cannot control.

This artwork adopts an observational rather than a scientific approach. It remains neutral, neither passing judgment nor offering apologies, occasionally touching upon irony.

By examining the intricate and layered motivations of those in service, the work seeks to comprehend their actions and the forces that shape their moral compass. It's evident that soldiers, regardless of allegiance, possess a steadfast belief that they're on the "right" side of history. This challenges viewers to ponder: Who then stands opposed? Such conviction often shields soldiers from the conventional dichotomy of right and wrong.

The artist's stylistic choices, juxtaposed against such grave topics, present a visual paradox. Using an unconventional palette and medium, the artwork renders these complex issues both accessible and readily understood by its audience.