1 November 2021

Response + Q&A with Tejaswini Niranjana

1 November 2021 | Part of A Supplementary Country Called Cinema

Starts 7:00 pm

Ends 8:00 pm

Venue Cinema Akil

Warehouse 68


This response is free to attend at Cinema Akil, Warehouse 68 or watch it live on our Youtube channel.

Pair Two - Siddheshwari and Halfmoon Files

The films in this pair are a call and response across centuries and geographies—a ghostly prisoner of war recorded on a shellac disc far away from home and a spectral singer in the bylanes of Benares, the city where she lived. Both films refrain from bringing the protagonist back to life through biographical details, and instead excavate a sense of presence from records and myths.

Tejaswini Niranjana is currently Director of the Centre for Inter-Asian Research at Ahmedabad University, India. Her monographs include Mobilizing India: Women, Music and Migration between India and Trinidad (2006), and Musicophilia in Mumbai: Performing Subjects and the Metropolitan Unconscious (2020), both from Duke University Press. Among her edited volumes is Music, Modernity and Publicness in India (Oxford UP, 2020). She is co-producer of three documentary films relating to music, and curator of Saath-Saath, the India-China music collaboration project.