An Archaeology of Sound | Film Programme

Organised by Nida Ghouse and Surabhi Sharma, this film programme by Alserkal Arts Foundation is in collaboration with Cinema Akil, with support from Goethe-Institut.

Is sound supplementary to the image in cinema? Does it have to be? Or can sound and image each have their own volition while sharing the space and time of the film? Comprising fiction, documentary and experimental cinema from the mid-twentieth century to the present, this film programme traces the arrival of sound reproduction technology to the Indian subcontinent and its continued reverberations. Framed in pairs, the film screenings are accompanied by a series of talks by film scholars and sound designers who respond by asking what it could mean to listen to cinema, not just to its sound but to its images and affects as well. The screenings will be presented at Cinema Akil from 29 October to 6 November, 2021. All talks take place in-person at Cinema Akil and will be streamed online at 7pm from 29 October - 4 November.