3 November 2021

Response + Q&A with Anand Vivek Taneja

3 November 2021 | Part of A Supplementary Country Called Cinema

Starts 7:00 pm

Ends 8:00 pm

Venue Cinema Akil

Warehouse 68


This response is free to attend at Cinema Akil, Warehouse 68 or watch it live on our Youtube channel.

Pair Four - Altar of Fire and There is Something in the Air

This pairing invites us to think through sound and corporeality. Breath and the body create a liminal sonic space that invokes voices in the head and carries sound from the past into the present. Both films consider the problematics of an ethnography of intimacy that is performed publicly, and in so doing inhabit a zone between what can and cannot be recorded.

Anand Vivek Taneja is assistant professor of religious studies and anthropology at Vanderbilt University. He is the author of Jinnealogy: Time, Islam, and Ecological Thought in the Medieval Ruins of Delhi. He is currently working on a second book, provisionally titled "The Gabriel of Madness: Urdu Poetry and Muslim Ethics in the Age of Hindu Nationalism.”