18 November 2023

Palates and Politics; the Case of the Mediterranean Diet

A culinary presentation by Christian Sleiman

Warehouse 50, Project Space

Starts 2:00 pm

Ends 3:30 pm

Venue Warehouse 50, Project Space


This culinary presentation by resident Christian Sleiman in collaboration with artist Moza Almatrsoohi will explore food regime theory, which unveils and underscores the forces shaping agriculture and food production in the global economy. Dishes served to participants will be inspired by stories surrounding mulberry monoculture in Lebanon, the rise of the Mediterranean diet and olive oil, and the creation of ultra-processed food. The presentation will trace how the concepts of domination, commodification, and imposed order have all influenced our palates.

Date & Time: Saturday, 18 November 2023 | 2:00PM
: Warehouse 50, Alserkal Arts Foundation | Google Pin


Christian Sleiman
is a Lebanese artist based in Beirut. His practice examines different methods of food production; from foraging to industrial agriculture. Through fabulated menu sets, the research tackles the issues of food sovereignty and global dependency by looking into historical events, political and cultural forces that reveal larger transitive relations in the global food system. His current focus is the impact of western culture on the rise of the Mediterranean diet, and its implications on local cuisine. Christian is currently a resident at the Alserkal Arts Foundation (Fall 2023 cycle).

Moza Almatrooshi
is a UAE based conceptual artist, writer, and chef. Almatrooshi’s practice operates within the study of erased mythology of the Arabian Peninsula, and correlates these myths with the structures that are upheld by the present regional political climate.

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