23 March 2024–31 March 2024

Orange Blossoms of Damascus | Dastaangoi

Part of Stay a little longer

Starts 23 March 2024

Ends 31 March 2024

Venue Warehouse 46


Dastaangoi in partnership with Alserkal Avenue and Jotun Paints Arabia presents launch of "Orange Blossoms of Damascus," an enchanting experiential candle pop-up in celebration of Ramadan. Set against the backdrop of The Yard at Alserkal Avenue this unique pop up invites visitors on a captivating olfactory journey inspired by the alluring scents of Damascus during the holy month. Immerse yourself in the fragrance of orange blossoms, symbolizing purity and renewal. Discover the full range of meticulously handcrafted scents of Dastaangoi that transport your home into an immersive world that never stands still.

Founded in 2020 by Waleeya Ahmad and Amad Mian, Dastaangoi is a creative platform that is on a mission to promote the diversity and richness of art, design and culture from the Global South to the world. We do this by hosting artist residencies, exhibitions, working with brands and through our products. Focuses on bringing emerging voices from the Global South to the forefront of artistic dialogue in our region.

We also work with diplomatic missions and the world's biggest brands to create unique content marketing and communication strategies to move society forward using art, design and culture.