1 April - 9 April 2023

Stay a Little Longer

Ramadan at Alserkal Avenue

Pair your suhoor with a screening, or your Iftar with a poetry reading, this Ramadan.

From 1-9 April, we are celebrating the diversity of our city by coming together to share and listen to today’s cultural stories. Each night, we invite you to connect with our community here at the Avenue, to break your fast with us and then stay a little longer.

Join us, from iftar to suhoor, to enjoy our Storytelling Series with Shereen Saif, live music by a handpan orchestra, coffee-making workshops, poetry performances with Danebelle Gutierrez, Slow Art Walks in different languages, gift exchanges at our Faire Trade barter pop-up, and much more.

Take a seat, make yourself at home, have some atayef while they’re still warm, and experience Ramadan through the eyes of others, together.