23 March 2024–31 March 2024

Ile Griot | Community Reading Room curated by Bootleg Griot

In collaboration with Zerzura Rare Books and Alserkal Avenue

Part of Stay a little longer

Bootleg Griot will be presenting a collaborative pop-up library installation titled "Ile Griot" at the Stay A Little Longer programme.

Starts 23 March 2024

Ends 31 March 2024

Venue Warehouse 58


Join us at Alserkal Avenue - Stay A Little Longer(with our entangled histories) for an experienceat Ile Griot- a collaborative pop-up library installation by Bootleg Griot. Inspired by the Yoruba word for ‘home’, this installation aims to transform the concept of a public library into a warm
and inviting living space exploring shared and communal histories.

Ile Griot invites visitors to explore shared histories, practices, and memories of our diverse communities. The installation, set-up and programs are curated to immerse visitors in the familiar comforts of home while discovering and experiencing new narratives, and the entangled histories and cultural nuances of our experiences.

About Bootleg Griot:

Bootleg Griot is a concept public library project dedicated to mitigating the accessibility of literature and other forms of print media in our community. With a carefully curated collection, the project operates as a series of pop-up installations that reimagine the format, function, and dynamics of a modern public library. Each activation exists as a uniquely curated space and selection of works from our collection.

Bootleg Griot aims to create and curate public spaces that catalyse the exchange of shared stories, knowledge, and ideas. Installations vary in duration and feature theme-specific spaces, a curated selection of works from our collection, artist collaborations, talks featuring key topic experts and other forms of community engagement and public programs. The goal is to foster an inclusive space where individuals can come together to share.Currently, Bootleg Griot is taking up residency in Efie Gallery, Dubai.

Recent Bootleg Griot pop-up installations include:

⁃ BRED AbuDhabi by Hypebeast (2023)
⁃ Stay a Little Longer by Alserkal Avenue (2023)
⁃ House 45 at Sikka Arts Festival (2023)
⁃ Down To Earth festival (2022) and Ramadan Nights (2023) by Jameel Arts Centre
- INTERwoven TEXTures with Victor Ekpuk (2023) by Efie Gallery
- LitFest After Dark by Emirates Literature Festival (2024)

Conscious of the inevitable environmental impact of print mediums, our collection is sourced primarily through second-hand purchases and donations from individuals, libraries, and publishers.

About Zerzura Rare Books

Zerzura features a unique selection of rare books including first editions, signed copies and hard-to-find titles. Our collection will span classic 20th century fiction, contemporary regional authors, arts, business, sport, Arabian exploration and much-loved children's books. Situated alongside the contemporary art and cultural centre in Alserkal Avenue there is something for every book lover.

23-31 March
WH58 | 7PM_Midnight