30 January 2022

How to manifest your dreams into reality

Part of Quoz Arts Fest

Cancelled :(

Starts 10:30 am

Ends 11:30 am

Venue Le Guepard

Warehouse 57


NOTE: The Following event has been cancelled.

Certified Mindfulness teacher (also trained in Acceptance Commitment Therapy- ACT) & a certified Mental Health First Aider, Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hour - Shereen Halbawi - will be demonstrating tools and techniques including powerful visualization to access the subconscious mind and unleash the power of creation from that space. The workshop will be interactive and dynamic including some group and individual exercises so participants can get more hands-on experience.

Below are some of the main questions Shereen will tackle:

-The subconscious mind; friend or foe? Understanding self sabotage- the potential enemy within all of us that compromises our conscious manifestation. Addressing deeply rooted limiting self beliefs and freeing ourselves from them.

- The power of visualization; how to do it, why is achieving clarity an important part of the process & how do we surrender/ detach from the outcome?

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