2 November 2021

Hawa Mahal

2 November 2021 | Part of A Supplementary Country Called Cinema

Starts 8:05 pm

Ends 9:30 am

Venue Cinema Akil

Warehouse 68


8.05 PM | Hawa Mahal / Palace of the Winds

2003 | Documentary | Hindi, English, Bengali (English Subtitles) | 58 min

Directed by Vipin Vijay

Celebrating the 75th year of radio broadcasting in India, this experimental video documentary deals with the phenomenology of the medium of radio. The episodic progression of the documentary is structured in a random access mode -- from various anecdotes of history of sound recording and broadcasting -- snippets of legendary radio productions -- subjective experiences of listening in specific cultural contexts -- media anthropology and radio's space within that spectrum -- the emerging scenario of sonic performance art, and -- globalised shift towards the ambient culture of FM radio. Along the course of the sonic journey of the medium of radio, the documentary also sets forth a challenge for the representational power of the medium of digital video (DV), available in a prevalent mode in South Asia during the time of its making, 2003.