29 March 2024

Giving, Receiving and Resisting: Observational Movement Practice

By Joint Space

Part of Stay a little longer

A physical practice is a doorway into a much more meaningful understanding of who we are, and this is what we want to share through our practice at joint space.

Starts 8:00 pm

Venue Joint Space

Warehouse 83

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Learning about ourselves, understanding the range of our adaptability, structural integrity, and plasticity of our individual architecture is a fundamental component of creating awareness of our body. Our practice provides an indication of who we are from a much wider perspective rather than strong, flexible or coordinated we might be.

All participants are requested to wear comfortable exercise appropriate clothing and understand that this is a movement based, physical workshop. Participants will do the work in silence as they observe the physical practice and the partner work proposed.

Joint Space is a physical therapy clinic, movement space and educational hub based in Alserkal Avenue. Joint space offers a seamless journey through an ecosystem of health, movement and education

Joint Space | 8PM