16 November 2023

Dare to Cross the Line

Workshop-Performance by Smita Rajmane

Warehouse 50, Project Space

Starts 5:00 pm

Ends 8:00 pm

Venue Warehouse 50, Project Space


What does it mean to nurture inclusive, diverse, tolerant, or equal communities? How do we read these ideas beyond PR campaigns or university brochures and instead, tap into our everyday realities to create spaces for deeper awareness and transformation?

On 16 November, 2023, educator, artist, and Fall 2023 resident Smita Rajmane will lead a workshop-performance where we reflect upon our everyday interactions with one another and the ways in which we navigate our shared social fabric.

Through experimental games and roleplay exercises, the workshop prompts us to move away from theoretical discourse and pay attention to our personal lived experiences to re-examine ideas of inclusion and diversity: who are the voices we share our homes, schools, workplaces, and cities with? How do the languages we speak help us move ahead or set us back? What is our common ground? Can our differences help nurture generative spaces for exchange, awareness, and empathy?

There is no preparation required, but we look forward to hearing your thoughts as the session unfolds.

The first workshop from 5-6PM will be geared towards young adults between the ages 16-25. The second workshop from 6.30-7.30PM is open to all.

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Each workshop session will be followed by a round of discussion, along with refreshments.

Note: Since we’ll be moving around the space during the workshop, please be sure to wear comfortable clothing and shoes.

About the Resident

Smita Urmila Rajmane is a public intervention artist, performer and educator. "The major themes of Smita's work deal with societal norms that arise from class/caste and gender discrimination, communal violence, the projections of hate and the differences that pervade today’s world. Her work deals with researching, unravelling and highlighting these issues through archival installations and public performances. She is building curriculums and curating shows for school students to build teaching learning spaces focused on social conscious pedagogical approaches. She has done performances and public installations titled ‘The battle of Ram-Rajya’, ‘Smash the Brahmanical patriarchy’ and ‘The Ambedkar Age Digital bookmobile’ in various cities and towns in India as well as in Europe.

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