5 November 2023–26 November 2023

Lasting Essence | Curated by Rashid Almheiri

Part of Alserkal Art Week

Discover hidden talents, inspiring young hearts while encouraging the exploration of diverse perspectives.

Starts 5 November 2023

Ends 26 November 2023

Venue The Yard

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The power of imagination to foster empathy and understanding by stepping into others' perspectives, even inanimate objects'. It emphasises the richness of untold stories around us, encouraging mindfulness to unlock them. The narrative highlights how activities like attentive walking and watercolour painting inspire clarity and a meditative state, aiming to uplift spirits and reframe possibilities within various contexts. It encourages participation from both youth and guardians, promoting relaxation and stronger familial bonds through shared experience.

Curated by Rashid Almheiri


Rashid Almheiri is an Emirati visual artist with a B.F.A degree in Graphic Design from the American University in Dubai. He is an alumnus of The Assembly at Jameel Arts Centre. Rashid has invisible dialogues with objects, moments & emotions. He likes to morph memories, human behavior & biology into forms of expression. Most of his work is symbolic, inspired by curiosity & research. He is continuously gravitating towards creating poetic & meaningful experiences.

Programme Schedule:

5 November: Floral Visions | By Sami Soloh

Through the creation of natural dyes using the same water, attendees will explore the flower’s vibrant transformation and artistic growth

12 November: Elements in Motion | By Rei Co

An exploration of contemporary dance with a twist of nature-inspired creativity using fabric.

19 November: Grow, Learn, Play | By Jamie Carroll

An engaging workshop exploring the joys of gardening through interactive activities.

25 November
: Exploring Emotions Through Nature | By Maitha Belremaitha, Hessa Naser

This workshop combines the gifts of nature through watercolor art and helps aid the discovery of how the gentle flow of watercolor can help us cultivate empathy towards the world around us.

26 November
: Collagraph | By Darrel Perkins

Creating handmade prints from collaged materials using traditional printmaking techniques.

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