20 September 2022–29 October 2022

Autumn Group Show

Custot Gallery Dubai

Custot Gallery Dubai is delighted to present its new Autumn Group Show, featuring works from Ali Banisadr, Fernando Botero, Ian Davenport, William Klein, Umberto Mariani, Jedd Novatt, Marc Quinn, Pablo Reinoso, Arnaud Rivieren, Bernar Venet and Fabienne Verdier.

Starts 20 September 2022

Ends 29 October 2022

Venue Custot Gallery Dubai

Warehouse 84


Highlights of the show include a major painting by Iranian painter Ali Banisadr, titled In the name of (2008). This work possesses all the qualities of a fantastical landscape, with rich aromatic colours disseminating a fairytale orientalism that’s both majestic and medieval. Amidst his lush surface, Banisadr gives way to embellished anarchy and carnage as onslaughts of painterly gestures replicate the chaos of an attack. The fractured background, reminiscent of stained glass, is inspired by his recollection of the sound of shattering windows during bombings

An oil painting by British artist Marc Quinn is also exhibited. Himalayan Spring (2010) serves as an exploration of the indirect relation tying humans to nature. While the flowers depicted would never grow together in the wild, we are still able to find beauty in their arrangement as if our relationship to nature was led by our human desires. This work pushes the viewer to fall in admiration with these flowers. And by virtue of the industrial world and of human desires, pushes the spectator to purchase them, participating in their survival.

Also presented, Chaos Frenético (2014), a bronze sculpture by American artist Jedd Novatt. Novatt is known for his welded sculptures of seemingly incongruous cubes teetering on top of each other. Through elegant engineering, Novatt achieves an uncanny balance between chaos and equilibrium, creating works that simultaneously topple and soar. The Chaos series endlessly seeks to articulate ‘’the weight and volume of space’’





Ali Banisadr

In the name of (2008)

Oil on linen

137.2 x 182.5 cm

Marc Quinn

Himalyan Spring (2010)

Oil on canvas, 170 x 254 cm

Jedd Novatt

Chaos Frenético (2014)

Bronze and black patina

185 x 130 x 110 cm