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Public Realm Project Manager
We are looking for an experienced Project Manager with previous experience in the public realm, wayfinding who can orchestrate the moving parts and ensure project timelines are met.

Job description

Alserkal Avenue will be revitalising and revamping its public realm. A complex project with a number of internal and external stakeholders, the public realm project includes several moving parts and will be divided into two main phases:

The first phase will be clearing up off-brand items, repainting and refurbishing the lanes in the Avenue, doing quick fixes around the Avenue, and briefing out a mobility study to a mobility specialist.

The second phase, will be more elaborate, and will include:

  • Review and approval of the mobility study and prioritisation of suggested outcomes, including a masterplan of the public realm and suggestions for vehicular traffic
  • Commissioning and production of a public art commission
  • Refurbishing of areas within the Avenue
  • Avenue wayfinding and signage system – design and implementation
  • Shading and seating
  • Greening within the Avenue, with possible commissions of designers, landscapers and architects

We are looking for an experienced Project Manager with previous experience in the public realm, wayfinding who can orchestrate the moving parts and ensure project timelines are met.

The role includes:

  • Creation and management of the project plan
  • Planning and designating project resources
  • Prepare and follow up on budgets. This includes not only managing the project budget but also ensuring the procurement function operates within the company’s financial policies, using the company’s designated ERP, SAGE.
  • Project management with follow up on the different tasks given to the different parties, ensuring all stakeholders (internal and external) are meeting deadlines
  • Monitor progress, and keep stakeholders informed the entire way
    based on a detailed project timeline
  • Raising concerns ahead of time and seeking solutions
  • Coordinate between the different team members of Alserkal and third party
  • Oversee the delivery of all aspects of the public realm project plan, including but not limited to the mobility study, repair and refurbishment works, commissions and implementation for greening, seating and shading
  • Ensure sustainability is at the heart of all solutions with a long-term approach
  • Maintain and communicate project status on spreadsheets and Asana

The project manager should have

  • Excellent organisation and communications skills
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Ability to work under pressure and move between different
    tasks efficiently
  • Take ownership of the projects and deliver from start to finish
  • The ability to follow up with stakeholders at all levels
  • Experience working with multiple stakeholders
  • Experience working on design projects and architectural / art commissions (preferred)

This is a project specific role for a minimum period of 6 months, extendable based on project completion status and upon mutual agreement.

Content Manager
The ideal candidate will have experience in commissioning multimedia pieces, be passionate about storytelling and a fresh perspective on how to deliver key messages.

Job description

We are looking for an experienced Content Manager to join a dynamic and fast-paced team to take on editorial responsibility for, alongside the creation of all content for Alserkal and its initiatives. The role demands someone who thrives in a high-intensity position environment and who has a strong track record of delivering editorial projects from concept to publishing. The ideal candidate will have experience in commissioning multimedia pieces, be passionate about storytelling and a fresh perspective on how to deliver key messages.

This full-time position reports directly to the Director of Marketing at Alserkal.

Responsibilities include:

Editorial management

  • Develop and deliver a content strategy for, outlining a clear content journey from website to social media, newsletter and offline touchpoints
  • Editorial management of, including planning the editorial calendar, commissioning work to freelancers, writing articles and managing video and podcast production
  • Ensure content calendar is followed, with deadlines being met consistently
  • Review visitor analytics to, making suggested changes and improvements based on statistics
  • Management of the freelancer roster to ensure diverse forms of expression and a variety of perspectives are delivered
  • Work with the marketing director to ensure that strategic objectives for the marketing team and the organization are being met through

Corporate Communications Content

  • Work with Marketing Director to develop key messages and message houses for Alserkal and its initiatives as well as key messages for spokespeople as required
  • Responsible for corporate communications, including drafting and editing letters, speeches, corporate profiles, case studies and any other writing that may be required from the organisation
  • Storyboard brand videos, documentation and social media content for corporate communications, creating narratives and working with a team to bring the concept to life, and with Head of Brand on brand alignment
  • Handle copywriting of press materials, including but not limited to press releases, interviews, statements and speeches
  • Review and edit copy created by other members of the team
  • Ensure style guide is regularly reviewed and maintained, and being followed in all communications
  • Assist Marketing Director in ensuring tone of voice is implemented across our brands and subsidiaries, training new team members and auditing across the team

Digital Content Creation

  • Development of engaging content to build the Alserkal brand and all its initiatives across a variety of communication channels, from social media to newsletters, website and any other owned or earned media.
  • Support the Head of Brand & Design in the development of event and brand campaigns.
  • Copyediting for all brochures and exhibition catalogues, where content is supplied by sub-brand teams.
  • Support the Head of Brand on the development of signage, wayfinding and visitor experience, where required.
  • Creating engaging content to build the brand across digital including text and video content for social media, content for newsletters, and any new channels.
  • Develop copy for presentations, copyediting and proof reading against required, often tight, deadlines.

Team Management

  • Work with third party freelancers and agencies as required, writing briefs, reviewing proposals and ensuring work delivered is as per contract

Knowledge & Education

  • Educated to a Bachelor’s degree level or equivalent and holding relevant professional qualifications in Writing/Marketing/Communications/Public Relations/ or similar
  • Strong editorial, copywriting and content creation experience
  • Experience of developing and managing multimedia content
  • A demonstrable understanding of, and commitment to arts and culture within the MEASA region
  • 7+ years’ experience in a fast-paced, high-volume environment

Required skills

  • Proven editorial skills, with experience of creating an editorial calendar, and responsibility for the process from start to end
  • Affinity for strategy
  • Budget management skills
  • Strong reporting and analysis
  • Strong writing skills, and able to adapt tone of voice to different subjects
  • Multimedia management, eg development of videos and podcasts
  • Ability to develop and balance key messaging
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to work effectively as part of a team
  • High levels of self-motivation, with the ability to work within an environment subject to change
  • Resilient and comfortable working under pressure
  • Excellent project management skills with the ability to multitask, simultaneously manage multiple projects at once, while ensuring highest quality execution possible within the initial deadlines set
  • Confident and outgoing, used to networking and substantial experience in outward facing roles
  • Well spoken, with great presentation and communication skills
  • Innovative and entrepreneurial in their approach, always looking for ways to improve our offering
  • Enthusiastic and engaged, actively seeking feedback on his/her performance and behaviour in order to continually improve the performance, and seeking out opportunities to learn, grow and develop.

Position Type and Expected Hours of Work

This is a full-time position. Days and hours of work are Monday through Friday, from 10am to 6pm, with Saturdays/Sundays and/or overtime required during busy times or leading up to projects.

Essential Functions & Objectives

The Alserkal Programmes Manager plays a key role in shaping the profile of Alserkal through the development of public programmes, multi-disciplinary initiatives and related projects involving members of the Alserkal Avenue community. The position plays a key role within a newly developed Special Projects team that will focus on increasing the visibility of Alserkal Avenue as a creative community and the region’s foremost destination for contemporary arts and culture. The role will work closely across Alserkal central teams to help deliver the organisation’s strategic goals by increasing financial sustainability and audience growth while maintaining and growing its position as a leading arts and culture programmer in the region.

This full-time position reports directly to the Special Projects Director.

Key Responsibilities:

Alserkal Programming & Community Activations

• Ideate, develop, manage and execute an exciting and rigorous year-round, multi-disciplinary public programme of talks, workshops, performances, film screenings and tours.

•These are experimental, and innovative interdisciplinary projects that bring together visual arts, music, performance, design, dance, theatre, commissions, public events, and special projects that engage Alserkal Avenue’s community and beyond.

•The activations must take into account the art galleries and creative spaces within Alserkal Avenue to ensure alignment and consistent programming that promotes the Avenue as the foremost creative community in the region.

•Ideate and manage a robust and engaging Ramadan programme that activates the Avenue at least twice a week during the Holy Month, in collaboration with our community members.

•Work closely with the community relations team to develop activations based on community feedback and needs.

•Ensure community-led activations are successfully executed keeping in mind a focus on footfall and commercial promotion of community members’ products and services.

•Build relationships with all community members with a view to create public programming that highlights their offering and draws attention to their concept while also appealing to the general public

•Liaise with internal teams on warehouse takeovers by partners, educational institutions, design initiatives, etc.

Special Projects

•Manage and ideate content for Quoz Arts Fest, including an overarching theme and activations through the two-day festival.

•Ideate, manage and execute programmes that feed into Alserkal Avenue community events such as Alsekral Art Week (in March and November) to ensure at least 10 activations by Alserkal Avenue during such special projects.

•Ideate and introduce new projects and activations that attract new and returning audiences to Alserkal Avenue.

•Work closely with Special Projects team to develop sponsorship opportunities and proposals for projects.

•Work closely with the Director of Special Projects to ideate and manage programming by Alserkal outside of Alserkal Avenue.

•Develop and manage collaborations with other organisations on engagement activities alongside the Special projects Director with a focus on content creation and control.

Project & Team Management

•Take charge of the delivery of all Alserkal Programmes, acting as the project manager and overseeing all programmes from concept through to execution, including project plans, deadlines, team assignments and progress reports.

•Manage team members, providing guidance, setting goals and managing day-to-day workload.

•Create and manage a process for content collation, including but limited to writing the concept notes for programmes, briefing the marketing team on themes and inspirations, and assigning deadlines as required.

•Coordinate with Marketing, Special Projects Team and Facilities Manager, to ensure successful implementation of public programmes.

•Oversee and share programmes calendar and coordinate with wider community programming and special projects calendar to avoid any clashes in scheduling.

•Work with Community Relations Manager to ensure all community members are aware of the events calendar and that any programmes they may have are incorporated to the extent possible.

•Manage any compliance-related matters associated with Alserkal-led Programmes

•Manage budgets and petty cash floats related to community events.

Required skills + experience

•5+ years’ experience in a fast-paced, high-volume environment in a related field

•A proven track record in project management and the delivery of projects with budgets exceeding AED 300,000

•An in-depth understanding and appreciation of the current public engagement and positioning of Alserkal Avenue

•A demonstrable understanding of, and commitment to arts and culture

•Attention to detail and efficient problem solving

•Educated to a Bachelor’s degree level or equivalent and holding relevant professional qualifications.

•A demonstrable understanding of, and commitment to arts and culture within MENA and Internationally

•Excellent organisational and administrative skills

•Excellent budget-keeping and reporting skills

•Excellent writing and communication skills

•Work experience in the GCC or wider region desirable

•Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work effectively as part of a team

•Ability to develop positive, cooperative relationships across functional boundaries.

•Self-motivated, with the ability to work within an ambiguous constantly changing environment

Position type and expected hours of work

This is a full-time position. Days and hours of work are Monday through Friday, from 10am to 6pm. Saturdays and overtime might be required during intense periods and/or during special projects and events.

This job description summarises the main key responsibilities of your role but there may be other reasonable requests made and other responsibilities included from time to time.