Alserkal Avenue launches Nadi Al Quoz, a pop-up social club that brings the community together

17 October 2017

Designed as a retreat from daily routine, Nadi Al Quoz will feature a series of creative activities that emphasise the imagination.


This summer, Alserkal Avenue Programming will host Nadi Al Quoz, a 14-week programme designed as an homage to social clubs, with free activities open to the public. The programme, which will launch on Sunday, 17 July and run till Saturday, 29 October, will be housed in Warehouse 90 within the Avenue, with food and beverage provided by Wild & The Moon.

An Arabic word, ‘nadi’ refers to a club or society where members of a community can come together over shared interests. Nadi Al Quoz will be a casual gathering space, designed for unwinding, meeting new people and connecting with Dubai’s wider arts community. The programme, which features a variety of UAE-based artists and creative entrepreneurs, is coordinated by Raja’a Baig for Alserkal Avenue Programming, and will be thematically inspired by the concepts of work and play.

Open 10am-7pm, seven days a week, Nadi Al Quoz will serve as an ‘urban oasis’, giving people a chance to step out of work mode, giving them a break from the vicissitudes of ‘reality’. The programme has been designed to be self-expressive, creative and fulfilling, and it emphasises imagination, encouraging participants to step into a temporary sphere of activity. Throughout the 14 weeks, a number of contemplative and lively events will be held, including weekly yoga sessions, ikebana classes, listening sessions, a critical reading and discussion group, salon-style talks and hands-on public workshops. Spaces will be limited and registration will be required, but all of the activities will be free.

Contributors include: Architecture + Other Things, Meitha Al Mazrooei, Saira Ansari, Layan Attari, Shannon Ayers Holden, OE-O Studio, Harue Oki, Saba Qizilbash, Uzma Z. Rizvi, Karim Sultan, Amirah Tajdin, Wafa Tajdin, Deepak Unnikrishnan, Lantian Xie and Urban Yoga, among others.

For more information, please visit, or use the following hashtags and handles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: #AlserkalAvenue, @AlserkalAvenue


Alserkal Avenue

Alserkal Avenue is the region’s foremost arts and culture neighbourhood located in Al Quoz, Dubai. Since 2007, Alserkal Avenue has grown to become an essential platform for the development of homegrown artistic and cultural initiatives, supporting a vibrant community of contemporary art galleries and alternative art spaces, together with design, media and industrial studios. In 2015 Alserkal Avenue began introducing its own homegrown programme as an arts organisation, dedicated to encouraging new ideas, open dialogue and a more diverse and rich eco-system for art in the region. In 2016, Alserkal Avenue will launch its project space as well as additional art, design and creative concepts.

Wild & The Moon

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