9th Edition of Quoz Arts Fest By Alserkal

16 December 2021

Quoz Arts Fest By Alserkal galvanises the Al Quoz Creative Community through two-day cultural festival themed around 'Waking Dreams'


  • 9th edition of Quoz Arts Fest will take place on Saturday 29 & Sunday 30 January 2022
  • ‘Waking Dreams’ thematic holds the promise of a parallel universe for a weekend
  • Highlights will include a midnight movie marathon, live music, food and art installations
  • Creative community from within Alserkal Avenue and across Al Quoz (including The Courtyard, Times Square etc) will participate in this two-day weekend festival
  • Free and open to the public in a safe, outdoor setting
  • Quoz Arts Fest will take place during Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF)

16 December 2021, Dubai, U.A.E.

Quoz Arts Fest by Alserkal will return during the last weekend of January, on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 January, 2022, activating the creative neighbourhood of Al Quoz and as a celebration of homegrown creatives from the region. The festival will see live music, performances, food trucks, outdoor installations, contemporary art exhibitions, wellness and mindfulness, a midnight movie marathon and more, all of which are free and open to the public. The last edition of Quoz Arts Fest took place in January 2020 and welcomed almost 40,000 visitors across the weekend who attended over 100 events. After a hiatus in 2021, the region’s best loved cultural festival is back!

Abdelmonem Bin Eisa Alserkal, Founder of Alserkal, said: “Al Quoz is the heartbeat of Dubai’s creative economy and, since its founding almost a decade ago, Quoz Arts Fest by Alserkal has been a platform to celebrate and support the homegrown artistic pioneers and their audiences, who together form the foundation of the city’s cultural scene.”

The 9th edition of the festival will be the largest to date in terms of the Al Quoz creative community who will activate during the weekend, and will explore the theme ‘Waking Dreams’, where visitors are invited to spend the weekend in the technicolour valley of the uncanny and explore the liminal space between slumber and wakefulness in a place we call ‘Waking Dreams’. Quoz Arts Fest 2022 is a celebration of dreams - visitors will sleepwalk through daytime dreamscapes, before reveling in the white-light breathlessness of a sleepless night. ‘Waking Dreams’ holds the promise of a parallel universe for a weekend. Alserkal Avenue becomes a space suspended in time: the uncanny day blurs into a rousing, sleep-defying dash to outlast the dawn. Stimulation—visual, mental, musical, gastronomic—is amplified so much, the whole Al Quoz neighbourhood will shake. Now this is what it feels like to be ‘back.’

Beyond the creative concepts in Alserkal Avenue, Quoz Arts Fest will see participation from the wider Al Quoz community, including The Courtyard, Times Square, The Smash Room, and Akka Project, and will involve partners such as Sharjah Performing Arts Academy, Goethe Insitut, NYU Abu Dhabi, and Zayed University.

Also happening across the weekend is live music in The Yard, including a set by Hamdan Al Abriand music in collaboration with The Fridge; a midnight movie marathon curated by Cinema Akil; the return of Good Vibes Market food trucks; new exhibitions at the contemporary art galleries, art tours and workshops; a dance performance by Moncef Zebiri in collaboration with Sima Performing Arts; the Market of Misfits by Kave showcasing a selection of sustainable and creative items; Reel Palestine Market; activities for families and children include painting, face painting, and workshops with thejamjar; outdoor spinning and yoga classes and much more.

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About Quoz Arts Fest

Organised by Alserkal, Quoz Arts Fest is an annual celebration of art and culture that has been held since 2012. The festival takes place in Alserkal Avenue and across the surrounding Al Quoz, and celebrates the thinkers and makers from this creative neighbourhood. Free and open to the public, Quoz Arts Fest includes activities for all ages, including exhibitions, art installations, talks, workshops, performances, music, and more.

About Alserkal 

Alserkal is a socially responsible and forward-thinking cultural enterprise dedicated to developing sustainable models for homegrown initiatives. Founded in 2007 by Emirati businessman and patron Abdelmonem Bin Eisa Alserkal, Alserkal is renowned for its ground-breaking artistic productions, experimental approach and for the creation of culturally meaningful spaces that inspire and shape communities. Alserkal has three primary areas of activity: cultivating a creative economy in Dubai and building a collaborative network of civic cultural institutions through its renowned cultural district, Alserkal Avenue; providing advisory services to public and private sector entities; and, supporting public artist commissions, residencies, research grants and educational programmes through its non-profit, Alserkal Arts Foundation.

Alserkal has transformed the cultural landscape of Dubai and the UAE through the creation of a thriving, region-specific community of over 70 contemporary art galleries, visual and performing arts organisations, designers and entrepreneur-led businesses at Alserkal Avenue, providing an essential platform for the development of creative industries in the region.

Alserkal utilises its collective expertise in arts initiatives and cultural production, heritage creation, community building and engagement, as well as urbanism and planning for creative industries, to guide public and private sector entities in developing sustainable and responsive business models.