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Marketing Manager | Alserkal Advisory

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Wednesday 26 June 2024
Alserkal Avenue

About Alserkal

Alserkal is a socially responsible and forward-thinking cultural enterprise dedicated to developing sustainable models for homegrown initiatives with a commitment to nurturing alternative ideas and impactful research with regional relevance. Founded in 2007 by Emirati businessman and patron Abdelmonem Bin Eisa Alserkal, Alserkal is renowned for its ground-breaking artistic productions, experimental approach and for the creation of culturally meaningful spaces that inspire and shape communities. Alserkal has three primary areas of activity: cultivating a creative economy in Dubai and building a collaborative network of civic-cultural institutions through its renowned cultural district, Alserkal Avenue; providing advisory services to public and private sector entities; and, supporting public artist commissions, residencies, research grants and educational programmes through its non-profit, Alserkal Arts Foundation.

Alserkal has transformed the cultural landscape of Dubai and the UAE through the creation of a thriving, region-specific community of over 70 contemporary art galleries, visual and performing arts organisations, designers and entrepreneur-led businesses at Alserkal Avenue, providing an essential platform for the development of creative industries in the region.

Alserkal utilises its collective expertise in arts initiatives and cultural production, heritage creation, community building and engagement, as well as urbanism and planning for creative industries, to guide public and private sector entities in developing sustainable and responsive business models.

About Alserkal Advisory

We are a multidisciplinary practice comprised of Alserkal’s founding team in addition to thinkers, researchers, and specialists in diverse fields from multiple geographies. Our advisory practice helps develop cultural production and establish spaces for polyphonic voices. We challenge conventional business practices, embracing a conscious approach to reimagining cultural destinations and crafting audience-specific public programmes that resonate with our communities, while also assessing our impact on society, the environment, and local economies.

Our work is collaborative and process-based, enabling a shared authority for cultural ideation through critical thinking and social agency. Our intellectual labour is grounded in an ethos of care and long-term cooperation with our artists, writers, practitioners, partners, and clients. While we seek to innovate and re-imagine artistic interventions, we are also mindful of the importance of developing strategies that ensure their longevity and sustenance.

As an independent and privately owned practice, proudly born in Dubai, we work unhindered by agendas. While working to achieve our partners’ cultural ambitions, we remain culturally sensitive to the traditions and histories of our region and beyond. This lived understanding of regional and local dynamics constitutes a cornerstone of our research-driven, context-sensitive approach to any project we pursue. We select projects diligently, ensuring our expertise and clients’ expectations align to produce meaningful, history-making outcomes that reflect our thinking, values and ethos.

The Marketing Manager is an important role in Alserkal Advisory team, creating effective campaigns to promote the activities at Alserkal Advisory. The Marketing Manager is responsible for conceiving of and implementing the marketing and comms plan to support business objectives, alongside overall campaign management, working across social media, the website, and in coordination with the Director of Marketing, digital and design managers. The role is responsible for overseeing marketing initiatives, as well as spearheading new ideas to ensure overarching objectives for each of the business units are delivered.

The position reports into the Director of Marketing


The responsibilities of the Marketing Manager cover communications and marketing activities, including briefing in paid social and digital marketing and website SEO organic grow briefing to the digital manager, brief the content executive on content creation across all channels, and overall campaign management for the B2B and B2C Advisory outreach and promotion.

Marketing and campaign management :

  • Responsible for development of marketing campaigns from concept to execution for commercial outreach, b2b positioning and client’ project requirements
  • Oversee paid digital and paid and organic social media campaigns - from concept and brief to setting budgets and objectives, reviewing results delivered by the digital manager and the Advisory marketing executives and tweaking as necessary, and full reporting.
  • Create and manage marketing campaigns for specific events that are part of the Advisory client’s portfolio
  • Project management along with Digital Manager for digital and offline campaigns, with responsibility for ensuring internal and external team members are on target for both deadlines and goals
  • Liaise with Communications Executive or Copywriters to ensure social media posts are on-message and effective for campaigns
  • Develop and oversee the execution of the social media strategy for Alserkal Advisory, and their existing channels and new channels, reflecting current business objectives and using this to support digital marketing strategies
  • Liaise with Head of Brand to ensure all digital assets reflect the Alserkal brands

Direct Marketing, CRM, Newsletters

  • Oversee and support the creation and implementation of a data strategy, including acquisition campaign, audience profiling, and streamlining data collection processes
  • Oversee and support the Marketing Executive on newsletter strategy, considering frequency, audiences, content and automation

Lead generation and business

  • Responsible for business leads strategy in collaboration with the Director of Marketing
  • Responsible for continuous update of the Advisory portfolio
  • Responsible for market and background/competitive research for the Advisory positioning as well as for clients’ projects
  • Supervise content and design of Portfolio, client reports, monthly reports (marketing, social media, and more)
  • Oversight of branding and brand execution – examples: kickoff meetings, setting a template, provide feedback and reports on results - in collaboration with the design team
  • Client facing on specific project to understand briefs and create actionable plans within deadline


  • Oversee the marketing executive/copywriter to deliver changes to the website content in order to make the proposition clear as well as appeal to audiences using compelling copy, UX and case studies
  • Responsible for planning all content for the website including regular inclusion of new case studies.

Required skills + experience

  • A degree or equivalent in Marketing, Communications, Business Studies or equivalent subject
  • 5-7 years’ experience working in a marketing environment with experience creating and implementing content and digital strategies for a brand
  • Strong grasp of working with numerical data for monitoring and reporting purposes
  • Strong project management experience, with experience managing projects from beginning to end
  • Budget and expenses management
  • An interest in arts and culture

Position type and expected hours of work

This is a full-time, project-based position. Days and hours of work are Monday through Friday, from 9am to 5pm. Weekend hours and overtime might be required during intense periods and/or during special projects and events.