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Director of Marketing, Alserkal Initiatives

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Thursday 20 July 2023
Alserkal Avenue, Dubai

Marketing Director - Essential Functions & Objectives

The Director of Marketing is responsible for building a cohesive and comprehensive marketing strategy for Alserkal Initiatives and its subsidiaries. Designing holistic solutions that communicate the brand across digital and physical spaces, the Director of Marketing is responsible for defining and delivering the Alserkal brand, its values and its potential, to strategic audiences through a wide range of mediums, from in-person communication and visitor experience, to the written word and media outlets, thought leadership and presentations, publications, digital platforms, and advertising. A key role for the business, the Director of Marketing will direct the perception of Alserkal Initiatives locally, regionally and internationally, working closely with the management team to deliver commercial value for the business and raise the bar for audiences’ experience of Alserkal.

This full-time position reports to the Deputy Director of Alserkal Initiatives.

Responsibilities include:

Strategic Direction

  • Develop and own the Alserkal Initiatives brand strategy, including its sub-brands, assets and future initiatives. Develop holistic marketing, communications and brand strategies for the business across its key initiatives and audiences, and maintain stakeholder relationships.
  • Oversee resource allocation and development of workflows, processes and management reporting that is clear, concise and reflective of successes and learnings
  • Lead and direct the development of PR / Communications, marketing and thought leadership strategy for Alserkal Initiatives, Alserkal Avenue, Alserkal Advisory and Alserkal Arts Foundation and serve as a key member of the Advisory’s consulting team
  • Oversee the development and implementation of content strategy for, Alserkal’s digital presence
  • Design and manage the visitor experience for Alserkal Initiatives, including Alserkal Avenue, Alserkal Advisory, Alserkal Arts Foundation, Alserkal’s digital initiatives, and any future projects
  • Own and direct any high-level marketing projects, for example new brands or websites

Digital Marketing

  • Oversee and direct all digital marketing efforts, and work with the Digital marketing manager to develop an overarching strategy for digital marketing to ensure clear targets, deliverables and ultimately commercial value for the business.
  • Oversee the development of cohesive digital marketing plans that consider all touchpoints, from emails and newsletters to the Avenue’s physical realm and all digital assets.
  • Develop a clear CRM strategy, including but not limited to CRM management, newsletter development, audience development, audience tagging and list development, and implementation of best practice in direct marketing.
  • Oversee the growth and management of Alserkal’s databases, developing a keen understanding of our loyal and prospective audiences and using that effectively to drive value for the business.
  • Develop unique and distinctive ways of reaching audiences to collect data and information that can inform future decisions.
  • Work with the management team to develop digital platform, ensuring that it is on-brand, innovative and has the flexibility to stay at the cutting edge.

PR, Communications and Content

  • Responsible for overseeing and driving a PR, communications and content strategy that ties into the overall marketing strategy for the business
  • Work closely with the management team to identify strategic objectives and opportunities for speeches, press announcements, remarks, public panels that will contribute to strategic business goals
  • Develop and regularly audit key messages for each of the business units, and train spokespeople and team members on delivery of key messages.
  • Plan and deliver media training to key individuals within the team
  • Ensure all aspects of press events are reflective of the Alserkal brand and that key brand messages are communicated through the visual, physical and digital realms as well as spoken word.
  • Develop a tone of voice and language for Alserkal Initiatives and each of its sub-brands, and ensure that it is reflected across all content generated by the brand.
  • Oversee the development of monthly and weekly content calendars for each of the businesses.
  • Plan and direct the creation of press releases and media alerts as required.
  • Ensure the Alserkal team is provided training on the use of the tone of voice in both written and spoken communications, ensuring all team members understand how to deliver the tone of voice and are comfortable doing so.
  • Manage strategic relationships with agencies appointed by Alserkal to maximise their potential and ensure delivery of key marketing objectives


  • Responsible for the development of Alserkal’s overarching brand story in the physical and virtual realms, and ensuring the delivery of the brand story across multiple mediums, formats and channels
  • Responsible for brand development and execution for all sub-brands, including Alserkal Avenue, Alserkal Arts Foundation
  • Oversee and guide branding / design work product created for Alserkal Initiatives and its sub-brands, ensuring work is on-brand, and maintains the high standards associated with Alserkal
  • Ensure Alserkal Avenue’s public realm is regularly audited, with actions taken to ensure visitors and community members have a fresh, high-quality experience
  • Oversee all design work created (for events, initiatives, marketing campaigns, social media and digital marketing initiatives), ensuring it is on-brief and delivered on time
  • Ensure workflows are in place between teams to facilitate the creation of design assets as required

Team Management

  • Lead, inspire and mentor the marketing, communications and brand teams, developing each team member’s potential and driving excellence
  • Set and manage marketing budgets for marketing across the organisation, including Alserkal Initiatives, Alserkal Avenue, Alserkal Arts Foundation and Alserkal Advisory
  • Ensure the marketing team is familiar with and follows policies and processes related to finance, procurement and compliance
  • Conduct team reviews in a timely manner
  • Deliver the brand message to the wider Alserkal team, ensuring all team members are aware of all brand guidelines and are able to communicate the brand accurately and appropriately

Knowledge & Education

  • Educated to a Bachelor’s degree level or equivalent and holding relevant professional qualifications in Marketing/Design/Communications/Public Relations/Business Management or similar
  • An appreciation of Alserkal’s mission and values
  • A demonstrable understanding of, and commitment to arts and culture within MENA and Internationally
  • 10+ years’ experience in a fast-paced, high-volume environment in a related field, of which at least 3 should have been in a directorial capacity
  • An interest in sustainability
  • Knowledge of marketing automation systems and database CRMs

Required skills

  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work effectively as part of a team.
  • Ability to develop positive, cooperative relationships across functional boundaries.
  • Analytical mindset with the ability to develop strategic imperatives based on business analytics whilst driving practical value add solutions.
  • Strong understanding of business fundamentals and drivers of financial, service and operational success.
  • High levels of attention to detail in design, written communication and brand presence.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills with the ability to effectively convey complex ideas.
  • Self-motivated, with the ability to adapt to rapidly changing environments
  • Sound project management skills with the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously while ensuring high quality execution within deadlines.
  • Confident and outgoing, used to networking and substantial experience in outward facing roles.
  • Adaptable and receptive, consistently seeking feedback on performance and behaviour to continually improve and seek opportunities to learn, grow and develop.
  • Innovative and proactive in approach, always looking to improve Alserkal’s offering.
  • Well informed about the art world and willing to travel abroad.

Position Type and Expected Hours of Work

Days and hours of work are Monday through Friday, from 10am to 6pm, with weekend hours and/or overtime required during busy times or leading up to projects.

This job description summarises the main key responsibilities of your role but there may be other reasonable requests made and other responsibilities included from time to time

About Alserkal Initiatives

Founded in 2007 by Emirati businessman and patron Abdelmonem Bin Eisa Alserkal, Alserkal Initiatives is a socially responsible and forward-thinking arts and culture enterprise dedicated to developing homegrown initiatives. Alserkal Intiatives has become renowned for its ground-breaking artistic productions, experimental approach, and for the creation of culturally meaningful spaces that inspire and shape communities.

Alserkal Initiatives delivers its promise of cultivating a creative economy in Dubai and building a collaborative network of civic cultural institutions through its renowned cultural district, Alserkal Avenue.

Alserkal Advisory consults for public and private sector entities on their cultural strategy, creating frameworks of governance for cultural institutions, developing programming, exhibitions and commissions to deliver value.

Alserkal Arts Foundation is a not for profit, supported by the Alserkal family to host and enable cultural producers, sparking thought and debate. Dedicated to Alserkal’s research-led initiatives, the foundation is home to practitioners who break away from convention. Multidisciplinary residencies, research grants, exhibitions and public art commissions generate a year-round programme, making space for artists, researchers and audiences to produce new knowledge together.