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Common Room

Common Room at Alserkal Arts Foundation is a centre for cultural practitioners and academic researchers. This is an interdisciplinary space for research and writing, group study, and informal convening. Find resources, connect, and share research-led projects with a critically aligned community.


Opening hours

Weekdays 10AM - 10PM Weekends 2-8PM

Registration is free and grants access to the Common Room and space assorted facilities. Drop in to find a desk or a comfortable place to read.

Meeting Room

If you have a conversation or call scheduled, check with us about booking the meeting room.

Storage Space

Ask us about overnight storage for books or research materials, however we are not responsible for any valuables lost.


This is a space shared with our offices, residents, and guests. You are welcome to use the facilities available, make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, or have a light bite.

Do you have work in progress you’d like to share, or a compelling conversation you’d like to begin? Tell us all about it.

Feeling inspired by our programmes or want to participate in our events? We’re interested in learning more about your projects. Get in touch or learn about eligibility here.