15 February 2024–3 March 2024

Young Artists Programme


Starts 15 February 2024

Ends 3 March 2024

Venue thejamjar

Warehouse 74


The Young Artist Programme is a themed six-week art programme for 7 to 10 years old. The programme pushes students to discuss ideas around creativity, history, and society and express these through art projects. Students are introduced to a variety of artists, mediums, and techniques, introducing them to the basic skills they will need to begin their artistic journey. This module will focus on a formal understanding of theoretical thinking. Creating a vibrant portfolio of artworks.

In this module, Artists will study 6 different famous art movements, their artists, and the various techniques and elements common to each movement. We will explore a variety of materials including paint, clay, inks, and paper mache, and relate each of them to a specific art movement.