Theatre & Dance
7 July 2023–9 July 2023

Will you marry (with) me

The Junction

A heartfelt story of friendship through trials, revelations, and unbreakable bonds!

Starts 7 July 2023

Ends 9 July 2023

Venue The Junction

Warehouse 72

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Sarah, Maria, Rose, Lili, and Suzan, an inseparable group likened to the five musketeers or the five fingers of a hand, have always supported each other through thick and thin. As roommates facing challenges in their personal and professional lives, their bond is put to the test when a significant fortune, an unexpected pregnancy, and an "arranged" wedding shake up their world, leading to unexpected choices and the revelation of hidden facets of their personalities. Will their friendship withstand this outrageous roller-coaster ride?

Idea, Directed by - Noha Shahwan
Written by - Edwige Narbey, Noha Shahwan