Theatre & Dance
29 September 2023–1 October 2023

Will you marry with me

The Junction

Get ready for a hilarious night of theatre full of delightful surprises and unconventional performances!

Starts 29 September 2023

Ends 1 October 2023

Venue The Junction

Warehouse 72


Will you marry me or will you marry (with) me?

Despite their contrasting personalities and cultures, Maria, Nourah, Rose, Lili, and Suzan are like the five musketeers. They’re roommates and friends, and they always have each other’s back. When a substantial fortune, an unexpected pregnancy, and an “arranged wedding” come into the picture, they all start to make absurd decisions. Watch as the hysterical confusion invades the house, and the fierce jealousy puts their friendship at risk, making for a night you won’t forget!

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