28 February 2023

"Who Else Is Here?" | Charmaine Chanakira

Part of Alserkal Art Week

Starts 5:00 pm

Ends 9:00 pm

Venue Mestaria Gallery

Warehouse 35

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We are delighted to announce our latest exhibition, "Who Else Is Here?" featuring the exceptional new work from Charmaine Chanakira.

As part of her international debut, the UK-raised self-taught Zimbabwean artist uses vibrant hues and textures in her work that are inspired by simplicity and symbolism. With a pop-art inspired style, Charmaine’s work encourages viewers to engage in a meaningful dialogue about mental health and to explore the power of art to inspire and heal.

Charmaine skillfully combines elements from Japanese Manga, Pop Art, and African art to produce bold and lively pieces that merge contemporary expressionism with cultural traditions_ Through her artwork, viewers are drawn into a captivating world, and "Who Else is Here?" delves into the idea of being authentically true to oneself.

We invite you to join us at the Exclusive Exhibition Launch on Tuesday, February 28th between 5pm-9pm, where you will have the opportunity to meet Charmaine in person.

We are keeping advanced access strictly invitation only so please sign up for Exhibition Entry to receive your invitation.