10 January 2023–19 February 2023

Where the Light Goes

Solo exhibition by Ben Arpéa

Solo exhibition by Ben Arpéa

Starts 10 January 2023

Ends 19 February 2023



Ben Arpéa questions century-old motifs and canons of classical landscape and still life in his works. Anchored in a dreamlike dimension which oscillates between semi-figurative and abstract expressionism, between the real and the unreal he paints frozen and perfect images, proposing a moving interpretation of pop art and surrealism.

Where the Light Goes refers to the notion of temporality in Arpéa’s paintings, inferenced by the representations of sunrise and sunset. This notion is evocative of the planet itself, in a celebration of beauty and nature. Elements of human life are suggested repetitiously in considering how light is a governor of our lives and routines. Arpéa often draws inspiration from suspended moments, gleaned from his travels. The Mediterranean, in particular, is alluded to as its culture and aesthetics serve as a continuous source of inspiration in the artist's fundamental research around colour and matter. The regional architecture–in the form of arches, windows, tables, and tiles–are reminders of everyday environments and thereby invites viewers to a dreamlike synesthesia and personal journey. Each individual is encouraged to project his or her own memories in an intimate and familiar dialogue. Omnipresent in his creations, the dream becomes a poetic experience that translates on the canvas by singular forms and meticulous work on colours and textures, infusing his work with a melancholic and unreal softness. Beyond their pictorial immediacy, the works of Ben Arpéa are imbued with mystery: from minimal geometric forms, the artist lets us glimpse the trace of a human passage.

VIP Opening 10th January 6-9PM in the presence of the artist.