19 May 2022–5 June 2022

When I Desire You A Part Of Me Is Gone

A solo show by Aidha Badr

Jossa by Alserkal

Hunna Art Gallery presents: 'When I Desire You A Part Of Me Is Gone', a solo show by Aidha Badr.

Starts 19 May 2022

Ends 5 June 2022

Venue Jossa by Alserkal


Hunna Art proudly presents: “When I Desire You A Part Of Me Is Gone”, Aidha Badr's third solo show and her first in the UAE. Formally trained as a portrait painter her works are representative dreamscapes and portraits of her life: memories from her childhood, thoughts, flashbacks and daydreams that are born from them.

This show comes on the heels of her ongoing exploration of attachment, desire and femininity; for Aidha, the process and outcomes of her artistic practice serve as a means to understand the delicate links between her childhood and the ways in which it shaped her perceptions.

Can desire exist without lack of what we seek? Is it the finding and fulfilling of our desires what makes us human or is there a space yet to be filled? The colour red assumes two roles: the role of a tether and a symbol of desire for an object unattainable. The duality of the colour red allows her to explore the object of desire, questioning whether it comes from within or if it’s merely the things and scenes we transform into supporting our inner world, appearing objective, but in fact, a façade.

An ode to the journey of self-exploration, this show builds on her evolving visual language. As some of the most honest work she has created, it continues a deep dive into finding her place- the axis of herself.

Image Credit: Nothing to Write Home About