1 March 2022–4 March 2022


Part of Coming to Know

Led by Padmini Chettur

Starts 1 March 2022

Ends 4 March 2022

Venue A4 Space

Warehouse 4


The workshop will begin with very precise and technical work on walking that will include alignment, weight transfer and possible ways to connect our bodies to external space as well as to each other. This work proposes to move us away from individualised, stylised ways of thinking about walking, leading towards a more neutral, functional activity of moving through space.

The second part of the four day workshop will be a collective interpretation of a score - an exercise in being simultaneously aware of the individual within the group, as well as an enquiry into the potential of a simple encounter between bodies, space and time.

Participants will be invited to participate in a public performance on 5 March.

This workshop is open to performers as well as people with any kind of body practice. It will be detailed and fairly slow paced. Spaces are limited, registration closes on 25 February.

10am-1 pm
Tuesday, 1 March to Friday, 4 March


Padmini Chettur began her contemporary dance career in 1990 as a member of the troupe of Chandralekha, the radical modernist Bharatanatyam choreographer whose opus dealt with a rigorous deconstruction of the form. Over the past two decades, since leaving the troupe in 2001, Padmini has defined her own choreographic idiom as minimalist, abstract, and formal—stripping movement down to an essential anatomical investigation, prioritising a sense of tension over emotion. Her approach to dramaturgy reveals the complex layers of connection between a dancing body and its environment, both in the sense of performative parameters, and in the sense of socio-cultural context—one's place in history.

This workshop is a prelude to the exhibition A Slightly Curving Place, presented by Alserkal Arts Foundation, which opens on 3 March in Concrete, at Alserkal Avenue

Presented by Alserkal Arts Foundation in collaboration with Goethe-Institut