14 November 2022–9 December 2022

Vivid Dreams

by Ella

FN Designs

Starts 14 November 2022

Ends 9 December 2022

Venue FN Designs

Warehouse 26


Do you know that we dream an average of 3 to 5 times per night
during REM (Rapid Eye Movement), some may even have up to 7
dreams per night. But, more often than not, most of our dreams
are quickly forgotten by the time we wake up.
Do you dream in black and white or in colors?
I dream of colors. I wonder if anybody else does?
Sometimes, it amazes me how I can remember the vivid colors in
my dreams. I used to “diary” them to translate them into painting
until I stopped doing it. I need to start doing it again.
A collection of paintings that I have done over the past decade.
Most of them were born out of the dreams I’ve had, some are of
the people that inspired and continue to inspire me, and some
are from my love of music.