17 December 2022

UN-writing: Spaces

with Rebecca Crookshank

Alserkal Arts Foundation

Starts 11:00 am

Ends 5:00 pm

Venue Alserkal Arts Foundation

Warehouse 50/51

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UN-writing: Spaces is an open call to all curious writers, playwrights, architects and multidisciplinary artists who yearn for a playground in which to collide with words, sculpt realties and experiment across new realms. Join us for the second in a series of creative happenings with Rebecca Crookshank to hold and ignite space, un-write, and tempt us into a ‘theatreverse’.

From 11am - 5pm, five selected writers will join Rebecca in building, writing and unwriting scenes for designated spaces, inviting us to be open, to immerse and surprise ourselves, creating new dimensions together. We will gather, curate and share monologue / duologue / scenes and collectively question what comes first - the vision, space, words, relationships, audience or shape? Dare to wrestle and untame your ideas like comets, anchor your instincts by simple daily rituals, and familiarise yourself with happenings inside common spaces as we focus on the inner workings of domestic, resting, natural, logistical, office, inhalation spaces somewhere else. Powered by your infinite possibility, the solar energies on the avenue, the freedom to experiment, we light up the edges + in-betweens. Some with words, music, actors. Some without.

From 2 - 5pm, ten actors and musicians will join our experimental incubation space for an afternoon of playful exploration of new worlds and word play. You will work closely with a selected playwright to bring a designated space inside the common room to life with a scene written only that morning by one of the selected playwrights.

To join as a playwright, please share a short bio and a fictional Tripadvisor review from the perspective of a fictional character which details their experience of somewhere else, somewhere we don’t know, a place beyond the stars and constellations (500 words max).

To join as an actor or musician or both, please share a bio and a short paragraph which details your experience of or passion for improvisation, devising and working with writers (200 words max).

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Application for playwrights is closed. Deadline for actors/musicians is Friday 9 December.

Confirmed actors will be notified by 12 December.


Rebecca Crookshank

Artist | Screenwriter | Playwright | Performer | Person

Her first play Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, published by Oberon books, an award-winning autobiographical play, received its international premiere on 42nd Street, New York. Shortlisted for a Liberty Human Rights Arts Award + nominated for four Broadway World Awards. Alumni of the Old Vic 12, her practice has been fuelled by two British Council artistic residencies in Vietnam + a development deal with Sky Drama. She is currently developing a slate of projects for film, TV + theatre across the globe including a UK/Vietnam revenge thriller film with BFI Vision Awardee Jude Goldrei, an original TV series with Cameron Roach at Rope Ladder Fiction + the stage adaptation of Craig Zobel’s 2012 film, Compliance in New York. Rebecca is part of BAFTA/BFI Crew 2021/22 and is currently a guest resident at Alserkal Arts Foundation.

Image by Dean Pinto