29 November 2023–10 December 2023

Peaceful Engagement with TIME FOR BETTER

Part of The Avenue during COP28

They will be presenting The Hope House, a thoughtfully crafted space for positive change.

Starts 29 November 2023

Ends 10 December 2023

Venue Jossa by Alserkal


Climate change activism community, TIME FOR BETTER, are on a mission to catalyse positive change, lead honest and impactful communications and amplify creative solutions for the good of people and the planet. They work to transform existing cultural and educational institutions to embrace climate hope and holistic wellness. For COP28, they will be presenting The Hope House in Jossa by Alserkal.

Hope House, a thoughtfully crafted space for positive change, is set to host impactful programmes preceding the official UN COP28 events. The initiative, uniting leaders from civil society, private sector, policy, and NGOs, aims to foster a more equitable and just future.

The diverse programme spans topics such as Global Stocktake, Climate Tech, Security, Adaptation, Women in Leadership, and more. With confirmed partnerships from prominent entities like Google, WEF, and NATO, Hope House offers hands-on workshops, panel discussions, cultural performances, and networking opportunities. The schedule includes engaging sessions on climate storytelling, clean energy transition, and biodiversity, culminating in a celebration of Earth during COP28. Hope House promises a space with a focus on optimism and action.

29 November - 10 December | Jossa by Alserkal