7 June 2022–28 June 2022

The Strangest Events of All Time

Kids, brace yourselves - it's about to get weird!

Wisdom Warehouse

Deep dive into little-known stories that you won't believe actually happened and explore these unbelievable through art science and problem solving.

Starts 7 June 2022

Ends 28 June 2022

Venue Wisdom Warehouse

Warehouse 61

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Who's ready to get Weird?
Who's ready to uncover the unbelievable?
Be ready to have your mind blown!

If you haven't heard about exploding chickens, missing space probs or what what really lurks in the depths of the oceans, then this workshop is for you! Brace yourself for some seriously weird stuff. Kiddos will immerse themselves into little known stories that they won't believe actually happened, and explore these unbelievable events through art, science and problem solving activities. Cost: AED 168. Age: 5+

You're going to need your curiosity for this one!