6 March 2022

The Sound of Memory

Part of Coming to Know

with Moushumi Bhowmik

Starts 10:00 am

Ends 1:00 pm

Venue Alserkal Arts Foundation

Warehouse 50/51

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Sound, like all our other senses, is inscribed on our beings as unconscious recordings. We carry bits of sound with us when we leave a home or go towards another. Thus remembrance of home can also be a sound. In this workshop, where most participants will come as 'travellers', they will bring their homes or memories of home in the shape of sound. We will talk about our homes, sing, tell stories, play actual recordings, instruments, in our multiple languages. We will share our sounds. We will also make recordings of these tellings and playings, with our minds and our machines. Perhaps from this collection we will slowly start to build an archive of the sound of memory.

Anyone can participate in this workshop. No specialization is required, just a willingness to listen and preferably also speak. You can bring a song, an echo, a record, a recording, a story, an instrument, even your silence—anything you like—to share with others.

Limited to 12 participants.

Moushumi Bhowmik is a singer, writer and collector of songs and sounds. She lives between places and her work is largely centred on the question of what and where home is. She is also the main caregiver/caretaker of The Travelling Archive: Field Recordings and Field Notes from Bengal (