Guest Project
April 21, 2021–May 5, 2021

The Little Wings Foundation x Al Jalila Foundation x Alserkal

April 21, 2021–May 5, 2021 | A4 Space

Give back to children with physical disabilities this Ramadan.

Starts April 21, 2021

Ends May 5, 2021

Venue A4 Space

Warehouse 4


Join Alserkal in giving back this Ramadan. As a community, we are contributing to The Little Wings Foundation's fundraiser in partnership with Al Jalila Foundation to support a full mission to provide much-needed support to children in the region with physical disabilities.

You can contribute by donating to donation boxes in
A4 Space and Warehouse 83 throughout Ramadan, by dropping a cheque to Alserkal offices in A4 Space or by contributing
to the initiatives from the Alserkal Avenue community.

In partnership with Al Jalila Foundation and The Little Wings Foundation, this event is licensed by Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities. License no 3826.

Part of #ThisIsNotaBuffet, Alserkal’s Ramadan programme, embodying the Ramadan spirit of taking it slow, being grounded, and being kinder to ourselves and each other.