23 November 2023

The Lion and the Nightingale: Majlis Talks Session #2

Kaya Genç, Author, Istanbul

The Yard

Kaya Genç will talk about his new book, The Lion and the Nightingale, A Journey Through Modern Turkey.

Starts 4:30 pm

Venue The Yard

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Kaya will discuss how citizens could keep minds open within an increasing culture of fear. He will discuss specific examples from the realm of art and daily life in Turkey to expand beyond realms of containment, both personal and political. Genç writes that “It seems to me sometimes that throughout Turkish history, two forces have competed against each other: the Nightingale, who represents the song, the literature and the romance; and the Lion, who stands for strength, the military, the power.” How may we share the potentiality to live unharmed or without harming others? Is it possible to un-learn social conditioning? Through the lens of specific artists, where is the ingenuity of future-building mindsets?