26 March 2024–26 April 2024

The Fifth Wife

Firetti Contemporary

Starts 26 March 2024

Ends 26 April 2024

Venue Firetti Contemporary

Warehouse 29


The fundamentals of folklore rely on oral culture. These oral stories possess treasures of wisdom, knowledge, and boundless myths, offering a mirror through which societies interpret the mysteries of existence, impart profound moral lessons, and reverently dance with the spirits of their cultural heritage.

The Fifth Wife is an exhibition that explores the mythology of where all these stories unfold; in the core of the romanticised “Majlis.” The space plays an important role in transferring and excelling the oral heritage of folk, from tales, songs to poetry; profoundly elevating the “White Language,” which sprouted from the Nabati poetry.

In this exhibition the artists explore these sacred 'sitting places; these artists, hailing from their distinct nations, converge not merely to express their individual cultural identities but to harmoniously celebrate the enduring majesty of the 'majlis' tradition. They breathe life into their canvas and craft, drawing inspiration from the mystique of communal gatherings. Across borders, 'The Fifth Wife' unites these creative souls in a vivid exploration of the majlis's indomitable cultural resonance.