23 February 2024–7 March 2024

The Eye of the Beholder

by Noor Al Suwaidi

Part of Alserkal Art Week

Starts 23 February 2024

Ends 7 March 2024

Venue Iwan Maktabi

Warehouse 32


Presenting “The Eye of the Beholder”; Collection by artist Noor Al Suwaidi at Dubai Art Week Iwan Maktabi invites you to explore “The Eye of the Beholder” collection designed by artist Noor Al Suwaidi as part of Iwan Maktabi’s ongoing Terminal G program.

This exclusive carpet collection is set to be presented during the Dubai Art Week on February 23, 2024. The unveiling will take place at Iwan Maktabi Lab in Alserkal Warehouse 32. The exhibition will last until March 07, 2024.

About “The Eye of the Beholder” Collection:
The playful collages of shapes and colour that intuitively appear within the works are open for interpretation by the eye of the beholder which inspired the title of this collection. In this series Al Suwaidi asks the viewer to decipher the works some more obvious than others. The colour palette evokes emotions inspired by nature be it sunset in the sky or sand and crystals of the earth.

This body of work is the first collaboration between Noor Al Suwaidi and Iwan Maktabi as part of their Terminal G program. It consists of 10 hand woven art pieces in limited edition.

Each piece is faithfully based on Noor’s artworks.