4 April 2023

Telling Global Stories Through Local Flavours | Matbakh

Listening Party by Nadir Nahdi with afikra

Seeing Things

Sit and listen to Telling Global Stories Through Local Flavours, part of the series Matbakh, by presenter, filmmaker and producer, Nadir Nahdi.

Starts 10:30 pm

Ends 11:30 pm

Venue Seeing Things

Warehouse 34


In this episode of Matbakh, Nadir Nahdi talks about his exploration of the world's cultures through their different cuisines. He discusses his revelations in Morocco, Yemen, and Palestine through Bastilla, coffee steaks, and Jaffa cakes.

Nadir Nahdi is a presenter, filmmaker, and producer from London with Yemeni, Indonesian, Pakistani, and Kenyan heritage. Nadir was recently voted by the Evening Standard as one of 'the most influential Londoners'. His videos articulate the unique experience of children of the diaspora. His work has acquired 10 million views and he has since been selected as a YouTube Creators for Change Ambassador. He is also the founder of BENI, a ‘Culture Lab for innovative Ideas’, providing an online and offline community with engaging events, content, and unique products that address social issues.

Matbakh is a conversation series that focuses on the food and drink of the Arab world. The series is held with food practitioners who study how food and the kitchen have evolved over time in the Arab world. The guests will be discussing the history of food and what its future might be, in addition to a specific recipe or ingredient that reveals interesting and unique information about the history of the Arab world. Guests will be chefs, food critics, food writers, historians, and academics.

afikra | عفكرة is a movement to convert passive interest in the Arab world to active intellectual curiosity. We aim to collectively reframe the dominant narrative of the region by exploring the histories and cultures of the region- past, present, and future - through conversations driven by curiosity. Starting from a rooftop in Brooklyn in 2014, afikra grew into a global education & media platform with a community of 100,000 people across 30 chapters globally and a robust content library of over 500 talks viewed over 500,000 times.

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