30 January 2022

From Gaia to Gaia

Part of Quoz Arts Fest

A talk by Dr Mashhoor Ahmad al-Wardat, professor of astrophysics at the University of Sharjah

Starts 0:30 pm

Ends 1:00 pm

Venue Concrete


From Gaia the Earth, to Gaia the European Space Telescope which was launched in 2015 and published the first results in 2018. What is Gaia?

The talk will cover a range of topics such as: How do we see skies "between the time of the first Human beings and our eyes in the space (Space Telescopes)”, first impressions, the effect of stars on lives of Human beings, Different nations and their stories, Skies vs Gods, the current picture and reality of the cosmos, protecting Gaia (the Earth), Eyes in Space and Future perspectives