4 July 2022–26 August 2022

Summer Camp

Join Wisdom Warehouse for a super awesome summer camp!

Wisdom Warehouse

Each week campers will be immersed into a new theme with daily activities in art, science and a simulation game.

Starts 4 July 2022

Ends 26 August 2022

Venue Wisdom Warehouse

Warehouse 61

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Each week of camp consists of a unique overarching theme featuring three brand-new, one-of-a-kind activities each day.

Daily activities will consist of:

Science - Whether it's chemistry, biology, physics or astronomy, a Wisdom Warehouse camp day will always include a hands-on experiment that is sure to make each camper ooh and ahhh!

Art - Art time at Wisdom Warehouse is like no other. With creativity as the focus, campers will use different mediums and styles to let their imaginations run wild.

Game Based Simulation - Our themes come to life as campers immerse themselves in game based activities...theWisdom Warehouse Way! Each day campers use teamwork and problem solving to complete awesome tasks and challenges.