25 March 2024

Sufi Sound Journey

Music performance by Fadi Rifai, Sandu & Zahi Saba Ayon

The Yard

The Sufi sound journey is rooted in the surrender of musical improvisation.

Starts 9:30 pm

Venue The Yard


Drawing from the stillness of the moment, and whirling the energy of the musicians and the participants to an intense meditative state. In this pureness, we connect to the only truth: the guiding love within. The poetry is sung by Fadi Rifaai, to the enchanting beats of the classical Indian Tabla by Sandu, accompanied by mystic Arabic sounds played on the keyboard by Zahi Saba Ayon.

Each journey is completely unique as it is mostly improvised by tuning into the unique energy of space and time.

The sound journey included poetry by Al Hallaj (Persian Sufi Poet), Ibn Al Farid (Arab Sufi Poet), and Abu Al Hasan Al Shushtari (Andalusian Sufi Poet).

Fadi Rifai - Vocals
Sandu - Indian Tabla
Zahi Saba Ayon - Keyboard

The Yard