17 May 2023–29 July 2023

Strange Fruit

Dorsa Asadi

Green Art Gallery

Starts 17 May 2023

Ends 29 July 2023

Venue Green Art Gallery

Warehouse 28


In Dorsa Asadi’s Strange Fruit, the affective experience of living through the recent unrest in Iran and its long aftermath is translated into a tripartite Dantean arc. Each part of its narrative maps to a part of his epic allegorical poem the Divine Comedy, which served as a vision for what would become the modern Italian language. Fittingly, for a time in which Gen Z are increasingly the drivers of society, the main protagonists of these small ceramic works are the twins Elle and Belle, who have recurred in Asadi’s work for a number of years, like characters coming in and out of a party. Growing up in Iran, the artist was told that paradise is the reward for a life of gendered obedience. But the works here suggest that perhaps there might be other routes, and possibly even other languages too.

About the Artist

Born in 1992 in Tehran, Iran, Asadi obtained her MA in Painting (2017) and BA in Handicrafts (2014) from the University of Tehran. She had her Residency at Helikon Art Center, Turkey in 2019 and at Vayu Art and Mind Residency, Kashan, Iran in 2022.

Solo exhibition include Strange Fruit, Green Art Gallery, Dubai, UAE (2023); Balneum Mariae, Azad Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran (2022); and Elle and Belle a Tale with No Rise and Fall, Azad Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran (2019). Selected group exhibitions include: The Symposium of Tales, Maryam Art Gallery, Kashan, Iran (2022); A room of one’s own, Soo Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran (2022); Shabtaab, Azad Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran (2021); Temple/Garden, Mohsen Projects, Mohsen Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran (2020); One of a thousand, Hakim Elahi Art Gallery, Rasht, Iran (2019); Soratan, Homa Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran (2019); Art for Peace Festival, Pardis Mellat Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran (2018); At the Limen of a Forged world, Laleh Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran (2017) and A few credible stories, Araan Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran (2017) among others.

She lives and works in Tehran.