28 March 2024

Slow Art Walk in Pidgin

A4 Space

Led by Ose Ekore and Fawaz Abdulazeez of Bootleg Griot

Starts 9:00 pm

Venue A4 Space

Warehouse 4

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Aligned with ‘alternative ways of being’ and mindfulness, Slow Art Walks invite visitors to take the time to slow down and reflect, not to rush, but to take time to unpack and understand.

Exploring three selected artworks in the Avenue, they will delve into the topic of accessibility in contemporary art and the interplay between artist, institution and viewer. During the walk, they will be discussing accessibility as a function of notions of inclusion, engagement and perspectives of contemporary artworks.

Bootleg Griot is a concept public library project dedicated to mitigating the accessibility of literature and other forms of print media in our community. With a carefully curated collection, the project operates as a series of pop-up installations that reimagine the format, function, and dynamics of a modern public library. Each activation exists as a uniquely curated space and selection of works from our collection.

Bootleg Griot aims to create and curate public spaces that catalyze the exchange of shared stories, knowledge, and ideas. Installations vary in duration and feature theme-specific spaces, a curated selection of works from our collection, artist collaborations, talks featuring key topicexperts and other forms of community engagement and public programs. The goal is to foste an inclusive space where individuals can come together to share.Currently, Bootleg Griot is taking up residency in Efie Gallery, Dubai.

Meeting point: A4 Space | 9PM_10PM